Hannah 1.0 on our Silicon Valley server

Our digital assistant Hannah 1.0 will be running on our Silicon Valley server. At first, there will be chat-only communication with her, later, we’ll add voice commands, but that’s a bit problematic right now since our Silicon Valley server is not very fast.

Our Facebook page was cancelled – We had to cancel our Facebook page due to a bug in Facebook’s “Publish page” function. But our website (this website) is still active, so we’ll be posting here.

Hannah 1.0 – news (differences between her and Aurora 1.0)

We had to change a couple of things here in Hannah 1.0 digital assistant project. So there are some differences between Hannah 1.0 and Aurora 1.0. Some of Aurora’s functions will be temporarily deactivated in Hannah. Hannah temporarily won’t talk. She’ll be able to use…

About our surprise

The surprise we have mentioned before is a robot. We will build a simple 2-wheels robot. It will take approximately 2 months. More information soon.

Our new server in Silicon Valley

We have a new server in Silicon Valley! This server will be used for storing data. So now, everything we made will be uploaded there, no third-party servers anymore (Google Drive, …)

Our PowerPoint presentations

In the last 2 years, we made a lot of various scientific PowerPoint presentations. We will add them here within tomorrow.

Superveda Knowledge Base

We are working on implementing a big knowledge base into our website. All of our projects will be working with this database and will save new data to it. The purpose of this base is making content available offline anywhere. The base will contain data…